Yummy Food With Simple Ingredients

Yummy food with simple ingredients and spicy tempering, always passionates to have more and in that case over eating is most probable case. What if that Spicy Tadka (tempered) food is considered with healthy and digestible ingredients. It will be somehow a lottery for food lovers.

When someone uses to write their slam book for their friends in childhood, there was a room for fast food in there. But, now, if you would have to write same slam book, would you write fast food again? Just hold and think. You would write ‘mom’s hand made food’ or simply yummy food or simply ‘dal roti’.

Lets discuss 3 ways to make food yummy but digestible also.

1. Salt – The most common ingredient but the most important as well. It helps to make food yummy as well as very healthy.

2. Asafoetida (Hing in Hindi) – In Indian kitchen, it is an important spice used in oily food to make it more digestible.

3. Aniseed (Saunaph in Hindi) – It is used after meal for digestion purpose and few vegetables are cooked with aniseed to increase taste in it and to make it more healthy.