Why Should A Sikh Read Nitnem (Daily Discipline)

In Sikhism, every Sikh is supposed to read Nitnem prayers on daily basis. It is kinda mandatory to follow this discipline as it is part of the code of conduct.

What If I Can Not Manage To Read It?

If, due to some problems (physical or whatever), one is not able to read Nitnam, then he/she should try to listen to these prayers spoken by others. One can take advantage of recorded prayers as well.

But Why Is It Necessary To Read Daily? What If I Don’t Read Nitnem?

One may ask what’s the importance of reading the same thing again and again when he already knows what is written. It is very logical question why should a sikh read Nitnem (daily discipline) prayers on daily basis.

The answer is like this. When one reads a prayer, he tries to follow its message. A morning prayer will remind one to stick to his commitment, so during the day, he won’t be doing anything wrong. But, say he doesn’t read the prayer on the next day, he still may be following the message. But, it can’t go for long. If he would not read prayer for the few days, he would start losing his concentration on his actions. He would practice not to follow the commitment strictly and would indulge in bad actions.

That’s why it is quite mandatory to read the prayers on daily basis so one keeps reminding oneself.