Open Letter To Arvind Kejriwal – Delhi CM

Hello Arvind Ji,

Its Friday evening the time when bachelors booze & party with friends, but I am writing this letter to you.  Sounds little boring, ain’t it ?  Yes you are right, its boring for any teenager to write an open letter to his CM in the middle of night. There is a disgust, anger and disappointment for writing this letter. You were the one who raised all these hopes when I was just about to loose all the hopes.

I have done all the hard work like updating  FB status regularly, to re-tweets on twitter to donating money for AAP during Delhi assembly elections, to argue with my friends & relatives who I always call Modi Bhagats (devotees of Narendra Modi) who always call Arvind and AAP a Drama.

Delhi assembly elections’ results declared, hard work paid off.  We all were happy.  I never saw people working in IT giving dam to politics. But believe me, your victory and this Delhi assembly election results were different. I was shocked to see people were distributing chocolates and ladoos (and other sweets) in their offices. People were giving hugs to each other, celebrating the success in ray of hope that things would change, I was excited too.

But developments that have taken place in the last couple of months which have trended on National Televisions as #WarInAAP #AAPDrama etc have washed away all the hopes that you had raised among the common man of this country, so called “Aam Aadmi”.

The way you guys are fighting with each other, running a party is bigger thing, you can not even run a house of 4 members like this. Every second person in the party coming openly in media and speaking anything about anyone. Is this what you have promised to people of this country ?

You are CM of Delhi, there are hell lot of challenges in front of you to run your state.  At same time, AAP has much bigger challenges like expanding itself among other states like Punjab, Haryana, UP etc (at least to cover North India) as momentum is with AAP, so nothing wrong in expansion.  So, in case if you are busy then whats wrong in pushing someone else for the post of National Convener ? Because I hope none of you here are for posts.  As you yourself have said number of times that “hum career chodkar aaye hai, career banane nahi aaye, desh banane aaye hain. Agar ab kuch nahi kiya to ye desh nahi bachega”.

How come a person with such a big thought-process can sound so low, that he has to abuse his people (your recent sting has shown this). My only worry and your responsibility in this case is, if this moment fails to bring change in this country then in my generation we will never get this chance in our life. Hope you too agree to this.

So Dear Arvind Kejriwal, time to raise to the occasion, our Aim was not to make you CM of Delhi. We want you to work towards the change, the dream that you have shown to the common man of this country.

We do not want to loose it, So be sincere in your efforts. “Because when dreams are broken people get hurt”.


Aam Aadmi