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Will You Be My Valentine – Think Carefully

Its really a very funny question to ask your beloved “Will you be my valentine?”.  Well, in this generation, the question has been changed to, “My love, will you be my valentine of this year or few months?”.  Ain’t it?

In present generation, the relationships change just like someone changes her clothes.

Well, This generation is loosing a very important thing in there life that is faith, trust and commitment to there partner.  And it’s very needed to realize it, else nobody knows what would happen.  And, in the absence of belief, trust and faith, I don’t think anything would work in a relationship.

Valentines Day is a perfect day to start a new hope to understand a relationship to its deepest, to have pure feeling which is full of love. bIf our generation is ready to accept this, this will be the best Valentine’s Gift to your Valentine.

When someone is loving you by deep of his or her heart, expression of that feeling is also needed.  As where there is feeling there are so many ways to express it, and where there are so many ways then why to worry, move with your best way and try to win your love with heart only not by mind.

There is a song- “dil wil pyar wyar mai kya janu re, janu to janu baas itna ki tujhko apna manu re”.

On this valentine if you are with your valentine, make this valentine a very special day for your love and your love will surely love your surprise.  Well, for a couple, everyday is a valentines day if they are in deep love. But guys why should we miss any reason for celebration, and Valentine Day is perfect day to refresh your love.

Winning Spirit Is Required More Than Winning A Goal

Failures doesn’t mean the absence of success but it means lack of will towards the success“.   Winning spirit is the key factor to win your goal.

Life is the most precious gift of God to mankind with new hopes and new unlimited hopes. But for every success, we have to cope up with hurdles in life, which we can call Exams. Basically these exams are the way to monitor our internal will and to prove ourself.

Lets start with positive hope of success and winning the exam fear, because this is the only  way you can overcome stress of exam.  I heard that academics, arts, music and sports all are required for overall development of an all-rounder student, and an all-rounder student is the one who is ready to fight his fear very well.

I know its very hard to motivate  ourself and its harder at the time of exam.  But, the stress will not work here.  Always remember, success is always connected to your actions and successful person always keeps on moving without worrying about hurdles and they never quit.

And finally but not the end of discussion, let’s focus on goal as you know genius are not inbuilt, they are the normal persons, who never quit, have a very strong desire to move on and very patient for the result.  All this comes because of confidence.

There is one saying in Hindi, “Apni bulandi ko kar itna buland ki khuda khud tujhse pujhe bata teri rajja kya hai”. That’s actaully called spirit.  Always try to make your own path with the guidance of past experiences and present energy and future plans.

Past experiences are basically based on the conditions you faced, views of others. Present energy is also required as with out energy you can’t step ahead. And future plans are also required as if plans are not up to mark your goal will be surely missed.

Living Style And Excitement Of Life In 80’s And 90’s

In 80’s and 90’s, there were no smartphones, no social networking websites but is it that we were in boring life phase or our life was not interesting?  Well, it was not so.  Let’s explore the excitement of life in 80’s and 90’s.

Its something like we use our minds more then our fingers.  We use our friend circle to solve problems more then the Google.  And its really very important phase of life.  Now a days, if you want to say something to someone, just dial the number and say, but in 80s and 90s, everything was said face to face only (or mails; not emails :D).  That excitement was never ending,  that feeling was awesome.

By the way, we are very lucky basically those who born around 80’s and 90’s as we were the last who felt that excitement of receiving and sending an inland letter, post cards more over greeting cards of new year, christmas and birthday too.

We were the last to feel the excitement of exchanging of comics like Wolverine, Captain America, Chacha Choudhary etc with friends in school or in playgrounds saying “Hey,  read it hiding from your mom and teacher”.  And reading those comics in hiding  between our textbooks so that parents can’t see us reading them.

We were the last to feel the excitement of Summer vacations as we have to go to mummy’s home to spend summer vacation with grandparents.  And having lots of fun there, listening to old stories again and again that grandmother used to tell us before going to sleep and never getting bored of those.

Technology has given us closeness to a person, but somehow it’s taken away the feeling to feel someone very close to you.  So try to feel the excitement of life in 80’s and 90’s.


Yummy Food With Simple Ingredients

Yummy food with simple ingredients and spicy tempering, always passionates to have more and in that case over eating is most probable case. What if that Spicy Tadka (tempered) food is considered with healthy and digestible ingredients. It will be somehow a lottery for food lovers.

When someone uses to write their slam book for their friends in childhood, there was a room for fast food in there. But, now, if you would have to write same slam book, would you write fast food again? Just hold and think. You would write ‘mom’s hand made food’ or simply yummy food or simply ‘dal roti’.

Lets discuss 3 ways to make food yummy but digestible also.

1. Salt – The most common ingredient but the most important as well. It helps to make food yummy as well as very healthy.

2. Asafoetida (Hing in Hindi) – In Indian kitchen, it is an important spice used in oily food to make it more digestible.

3. Aniseed (Saunaph in Hindi) – It is used after meal for digestion purpose and few vegetables are cooked with aniseed to increase taste in it and to make it more healthy.